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Senior EOC Scores
EOC scores are in power school, the grade is in the "CO" column, if you passed there will also be a grade in your exam or "E2" column. Have a great summer and congratulations!
Lesson Plans til the End of the Year
Students will be studying and reviewing in class until their EOC. The schedule will go as follows:
5/10- Computer Lab for USA Test Prep, 5 assignments, average put in gradebook. If students do not finish they have until midnight to complete the assignment
5/11- Review games in class
5/12- Review games in class
5/13- Mock EOC to be taken in computer lab on USA Test Prep, grade will be a classwork grade in the gradebook
5/16- 8:30am ALL SENIOR EOC ROOM 204
5/17- Review for EOC
5/18- Review for EOC

For students who do not pass the EOC the next two weeks will be time for exam review
Research Paper Plagiarism Issues
Parents and Students,
As I have been reading over student's Decades in Song research papers I am finding plagiarism in many papers. I have had several discussions with students throughout the year about giving credit where credit is due. One of the requirements of this paper was to give credit where credit is due, and students were warned that they would receive a zero if this was not done properly. I told them I was not worried about exact MLA format, but instead to put what they wanted to use in quotations and then after the quote in parenthesis include the author's name. Their bibliography at the end would complete the citation. Unfortunately, many students chose to just copy an paste complete sections of their papers or parts of sentences.

So students can save their grades I offer the following compromise to change the paper grade. Please note that BOTH of these steps must be completed in order for the grade to change:
1. Students MUST pass the EOC (16th for seniors, 19th for underclassman)
2. On the 20th students must turn in a one page paper about the consequences of plagiarism now and in the future, in their own words.

If both of these steps are completed, the students paper grade will be replaced with a 70.
Study Help
Below is the link to the Crash Course US History videos on Youtube, please use them to help you study!! Watch them and if you have questions, write them down and ask them in class!!!
DECADES IN SONG PROJECT/PAPER IS DUE MONDAY 5/2!!!! This paper is due Monday, no exceptions. If you are not here on Monday 5/2 you may only submit your paper if your absence is EXCUSED and you have proof of this from attendance. Remember this is a TEST GRADE!!!! TWO TEST GRADES!!!!
EOC Study Guide
EOC Study Guide- Located in your notes folder. This study guide is completed up to standard 3, you already have the standard 1 sheets. I will post more as it comes along. Don't forget you have your yellow book to study and that HUGE cliff notes version of the book in your notes section!!
Attention!!! On Friday April 1st we will be taking a test that will cover content from the beginning of the year up until the Cold War. This test will be taken on USA Test Prep and the grade will go in the gradebook as a homework grade (30% of the quarter grade). This is in preparation for the EOC which will be taken on May 19th (16th for seniors), please remember that the EOC will make up 20% of the student's entire year grade in the class!! Students have a yellow book that has all of the standards and study questions for the standards, encourage them to use it to study!!! There are several incentives for doing well on the EOC, they are:
*Exemption from the semester exam if the student passes the EOC (passing is a score of 70 or higher) this will not help a students grade or hurt it, but it ensures that they will not have to take the semester exam
* If the student earns the grade of an A or B on the EOC they will receive a 100 for their semester exam grade, this will help a student tremendously, as the semester exam is 20% of the student's semester grade
* If ALL students in a class pass the EOC we will have a celebration party with snacks provided by Mrs. Bishop, and of course the rest of the year will be a breeze!!!!

Decades in Song Project
This is an announcement that as of 3/24 your US History student has been given a project that is worth 2 test grades and they will have a month to work on and complete. I will be giving them one day a week in class until the project is due to work on it, this will include time in the library and computer labs as well as the classroom. I have posted the guidelines and rubric for the project in both the lesson plans folder of this school fusion page and in the notes folder of this school fusion page. If you have any questions or concerns about this project please feel free to email me. Thank you for your support!
3rd Period USHC
3rd Period Students:
Due to not having class yesterday, please note that your 7.1 and 7.2 indicators in the yellow book will be due on 3/16. Most of the answers for 7.1 will be covered in class, but 7.2 may not, so please make sure to use your notes provided on your school fusion page.
Thank You!
Starting 2/29 students will have the opportunity to receive extra credit on a bi-weekly basis. This will be available to them through USA Test Prep, an online testing preparation program. Your student already has their username and password, as I gave them out around exam time to help them. Starting next Monday I will release a short 10 question "test" on USA Test Prep that students will have to score a 70 or higher on (they are allowed 2 attempts) in order to receive a 100pt quiz grade. The first several tests will be single standard based, as we get closer to EOC time they will be multi standard and longer. Please encourage your student to complete this test prep!! The EOC is 20% of their grade for the ENTIRE year!!
Imperialism Test
Please note that there will be a test on Imperialism and Expansion Wednesday 2/17. Students were given a study guide with all of the material for this test today, 2/10
Recent Assignments in My Absence
Parents and Students,
Recently I was absent due to a death in my family. I posted work for my US history classes to complete and left explicit instruction that I would be collecting the work and grading it upon my return. Many students grades have taken a hit because they did not complete the work in my absence. US history is a class with an EOC and I have very little time to teach a lot of information, therefore, students must work, study and learn even when I am not in the classroom. A week was ample time to complete the work assigned, and if students needed to or wanted to the work could have been completed outside of class. I will not and do not accept late work, this has been my policy since the first day of school as stated in the syllabus and parent letter. Please explain and talk to your student about how important it is that work is completed and completed on time, even when the teacher is not present. I have attached an image of the work posted on the board while I was absent. Again, this work was not a suggestion.
Mrs. Bishop
Extra Credit Alert!!!
****EXTRA CREDIT ALERT: Go see The Revenant in the movie theaters from now until our 2nd Industrial Revolution test (more than likely this will happen in the next 2 weeks) and I will add 10pts to your test! You MUST bring the movie ticket into me, seeing a “bootleg” copy is not acceptable. The ticket stub is your 10pts!!!****
Lesson Plans for the weeks of 12/7 and 12/14
Lesson Plans for the weeks of 12/7 through 12/14
  • 12/9 Quiz on Reconstruction
The only upcoming deadlines are the Reconstruction Quiz on Wednesday (12/9) and the deadline for USA Test Prep Exam prep extra credit which is 12/18. Each day will consist of getting ready for the upcoming fall exam
Civil War Review
If you were not able to get to all of the exhibit projects on the day we did the gallery walk, or if you were not here, there is a total review of ALL of the Civil War in a power point, so use it to help you study!! It is in the notes folder and is labeled as Chapter 12 and under it it says "Civil War Review". REMEMBER: DECEMBER 1 IS YOUR CIVIL WAR TEST!
Study and Get Some Extra Credit!!
Your Civil War Test will be on Tuesday, December 1, this is the day after we come back from break. In order to help you study and to review over break, I have put up a series of practice test assignments on USA Test Prep. If you complete ALL 5 of the tests I will give you a 100 homework grade for extra credit. These assignments will open up to you on November 30 and will remain open until December 1. You get two chances at each test, so please go back to the questions that you missed and re look at them, if there is something you are having a very hard time with,make sure to come in from break with questions!!

This extra credit incentive is also available to you for exam prep. I have placed 10 practice exam tests on USA Test Prep as well, 9 deal with specific standards and the 10th is a Benchmark test that includes all of the material we have completed so far in the semester. If ALL 10 of these are completed I will give you a 100 homework assignment extra credit. This will open up to you December 1st and will close on December 18th. The only practice test you do not get two tries with is the Benchmark Test. Who knows your semester exam may look a lot like these tests!!!

I will be giving out username and password cards in class on Friday November 20th, please do not lose them. GOOD LUCK!
Events Leading to the Civil War
Reform Project
Reform movements propaganda
US History and the Constitution
We have looked at a total of 5 reform movements that began before the Civil War. Pick a reform movement that speaks to you, you will be creating a propaganda like poster for your movement to recruit people to join up and act! Your poster will need to be creative and attention grabbing. You will be graded on the following:
  • Use of one of the 5 reform movements discussed in class: 20pts
  • Use of a slogan and creative eye catching art that relates to your movement: 30pts
  • Highlight the leaders and leaders actions or ideas for the movement: 30pts
  • Work ethic in class: 10pts
  • On time: 10pts
Lesson Plans Week of 10/5
Due to weather and school closings there are no posted lesson plans for this week in the lesson plans folder. The game plan for the rest of the week is as follows:
Wed- Test Review, Homework: Study for test
Thursday- Review day for test Homework: STUDY
Students have known about the upcoming test for a week and a half.
Thank You
Please note that homework is to be completed at home, not in class that day, or copied while notes or an activity are going on in class. Homework is to check for understanding and to open up the class for questions the next day. If there are questions about certain assignments, or specific questions that are on the homework, the student needs to come see Ms Loach ASAP(before school, after school, during lunch or via email) so they can be resolved.

Homework will not be accepted late, this is in both the syllabus and parent letter that was signed by student and parent. I understand there can be extenuating circumstances and those can be resolved through communication between teacher,parent and student. So please understand that if there is a zero for a homework grade on your child's powerschool it is because the assignment was not completed when homework was being collected or because the homework was not completed in its entirety at the time of collection (unless other arrangements have been made between teacher and student).

I hope that this clears up any confusion about homework!! I cannot stress enough how important it is that students stay on top of the material in this class, the EOC is very difficult, if the content is mastered by the student they will not have to play catch up in April and May!
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